about castle west financial

At Castle West Financial, we have built our business on the foundation of crafting individualized retirement plans, carving a pathway towards a secure future.

We prioritize the time spent getting to know you- your needs, wants, and goals. And it isn’t until those elements are established that we jump into molding a plan built around a successful retirement life. We place emphasis on protecting your assets that you’ve worked a lifetime to acquire, and ensuring peace of mind as you prepare for the next season of life.

founder of castle west financial

Joseph Polakovic

Owner and CEO of Castle West Financial, Joseph Polakovic, built his life and career upon his desire to help others protect their dreams and futures.

As an undergrad, earning an Accounting degree at the University of Colorado, Joseph had the opportunity to earn a living in his field of study. Under the wing of top financial advisors, he displayed a tremendous amount of natural talent working for a registered investment advisory company, further reinforcing that his chosen career path was ideal for his future.

Joseph’s passion to serve and protect runs deeper than financial services, to him it is not a job…it is a lifestyle. Evident by a four year sabbatical in the US Marine Corps, including deployments in both Afghanistan and Iraq, Joseph has dedicated his life to protecting the lives of others in the field and in the office.